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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ahlo dajia hao!
today so sian. did nothing. no game play. on my com for nothing from 4pm until 10pm.. waste of eletricity sia... sianz.. anyone got game play? btw, i looking for bf2. someone selling me $40 for bf2 and bf2(expansion), i dunno if its worth the money. so waiting for my bro get back and .. ask him abt it.. ya.. haha. i've viewed mr zhenxuan, ms michelle and ms joyce's blog. so weird sia. zhenxuan and joyce put welcome. somemore the welcome become weird welcome. cuz the sentence is "Hello, tag before you leave. Do come back soon. If you dislike it, just FUCK off! by pressing ALT-F4" by zhenxuan and "i am who i am , don't try to change me ; love me , i'll love you even harder; hate me , press ALT+F4 ndn FUCK OFF" by joyce. fierce car man.. lata too fierce no one race with them.. lmao. (DRIFT CITY) altho joyce nvr play.. haha. today supa sian lor got nothing to do. after school, eat long john sliva. me n jerom wanted to play with wai meng n zhenxuan by letting them go far far then change way to long john silver but waimeng saw and follow us.. then zhenxuan followed. we eat at ljs.. but kelian de waimeng have to eat chillies cuz he dont have any money to buy food. but me and zhen xuan let him eat alittle bit.. haha.. after that we went home. ok.. ending h3r3. cuz nothing to write liao. see (donno who read) tml. haha.. bye (BTW, i also wan copy the dislike thingy. )haha)

on; 6:11 AM

Saturday, January 19, 2008

woot noob ran when i got their i.p address. sadness for them. alright! back to topic. i've got a crew in drift city. anyone wan to play with me? you must also join my crew! :D my crew points is already 8K+.. i also got a new car.. brought a spoiler for 20k. expensive right? but i made the car nice. haha. on friday we went to jialing's hse to see dog. so cute sia.. so friendly also.. the best part is when we played in her kitchen.. the dog only likes the bear head. haha. i also got carry it.. wah.. so jealous of her getting a dog.. i cant.. sianz.. if got dog, my hse would be a mess. haha.. ok.. ending here..

on; 5:22 AM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pissed Off. Bloody bitch, dont like my blog? Scram. No one cares if u are here. Dumbfuck. If your in my class, watch out.

on; 6:12 AM

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WOOHOO.. A new blogskin. I'm gonna start blogging every week. haha. if busy i might not be. haha.. i've got a new laptop! And i found my old RC Gas Car... It spoilt. I have to find kyosho brand.. sad.. have to save money and buy the "Spoilt Engine"

on; 5:25 AM

Thursday, January 3, 2008

WOOOHOOO!! o8 has started! im so happy. The consortium head has told us what we will have in SEC 2. COOL SIA. GOT A TRIP TO NANJING, PERFORMING IN NATIONAL DAY PARADE! SWEE!!!!! Lovin's it! Can't wait for the trip to nanjing. anw, its soo cool. then got my class tee. so nice sia. love that. then we play today for arnd 2hrs.. ok.. today no more.. haha

on; 3:11 AM

Monday, November 26, 2007

My bro's Berreh(DIVER)
My TOtal Defence Badge
My Rank

My Nafa Badge


22 November. I was late for 5 - 10 mins for the Water Ambassador Badge and i didnt know about it. I met my platoon sergeant and some of my platoon mates. They were heading for Water Ambassador Badge, I met them down the escalator. Aren't I lucky? We went there. Listened and Learned more about PUB. When we were heading back to school, the train closed the door before our Madam(TO) came in! We were so shioked and we immediately went back to the station where she was there. But she wasnt there. We went back to the same station before that station to find her. Unfortunately, we didnt find her. We went back and got pumped cuz we were extremely noisy on the train. After we went for marching or something else, our madam came back! We immediately charged towards NCC Room and shouted Sorry Madam! Madam asked if we were pumped and we said yes. Then she said carry on with our work so we went back to parade square and have our training or something else. After that we were pitching our tent.
23 November was a fun day! The whole NCC(SEA) of Presby High went to west coast park! We went there for our Inter2s (Sec4) as they are leaving the school and going to a higher level of education. We made a PD for our platoon sergeant and assisant platoon sergeant. They are JiaYi, Joel and ZhenQin! After our performance for them and the speeches, it was the Basic2 (Sec2)'s turn to perform. Their performance was nice but unfortunately, was rated lower then us.(JKJK) MUHAHAHA. After the sec2s, was Inter1 (Sec3)'s turn their's was super funny! After that was Encik and Master Sergeant's talk. When they talk finish, we popped the popper. After that the Inter1 said it was the end of the thing. Out of a sudden our inter2's were running away, i looked and saw our platoon sergeant chasing them. That was when i know wad was happening. Then i shouted THROW JOEL! Then Joel quickly ran and i chased him. It was soo fun. After that we went for zhenqin. MUHAHAHA. Then ALOT of people including our platoon sergeant. It was soo fun!
24 November. I got sore throat. And it was the promotion day, how great. They made us practice the way we recieve our rank properly. I got sore throat and very hard to talk. So i found it funny. I was shivering in the parade square. Badly. It was so ... How do i say it? Big Event? Haha. AFter that we went to unpitch the tent n went home..

on; 7:11 AM

Thursday, November 15, 2007

HELLO! I have nothing to do so i came here to blog. MUHAHAHAHA! I GOT MY NEW FONE! WANTED TO SHOW U GUYS! BUT TOO BAD! I DUNNO HOW TO PUT PICTURE IN SIDE THE POST.. HAHA.. wah.. but this month.. super busy man.. cant relax.. s00n will be the Annual Camp. haha. sure mati. i miss sch, miss my classmates. super sian also... haiz sister brought me 2 assessment book. but hor i dunno how to do cuz its Special/Express.. sure die.. and the weird thing for hp is w580i is not producing because of some problem.. thats wad the salesman told me.. but i really liked w580i but they didnt get the stock.. so. HAIZ.. nevermind la. wun die. still got W910i. MUHAHA so nice man! Shake-Control. mUHAHA since so long i blogged .. o.0 hahazzzz.. hmm.. nowadays nothing to do. only can play wc3 and twelvesky.. want join me in twelvesky at the talking box say. i give u guys the url. haha. ok gonna end here cuz nothing else to say but yes! TOMORROW SENTOSA.. wanna go luge but bo lui.. haiz.. kelian aa xiao fu cai.. nvm. wun die. haha.. ENDED
Keeliannn aaa xiaoooofuuuuccaiiiiiiii..

on; 7:14 AM


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